Our Projects

Destruction of Products and Documents

Green Worms partners with FMCG firms to aid them in the process of destroying expired products. We also provide services to destroy confidential documents. As with other projects, we oversee and execute the process on an end-to-end basis. Some salient features of our destruction process are as follows:

Collection and logistics: Working with the company’s on-site management team, we develop a collection schedule that minimally impacts the facility's operations.

De-casing, segregation and sorting of containers: We separate waste materials by content to ensure the proper handling.

Product reuse, recycling, or alternative use: A proponent of green solutions, we try to recycle and remarket food and beverage waste whenever possible. Furthermore, we actively find ways to recycle the packaging material of all products.

Assured product destruction: When regulations call for the complete destruction of your by-productions, expired or off-spec materials, we will take advantage of waste-to-energy plants when appropriate and available to assure complete destruction of the materials in question.

Certificates of Destruction: If required, we provide companies with written documentation to meet internal requirements along with state and PCB regulations.

Web-based, real-time tracking of shipment dispositions: Our Web-based tracking system monitor, record and document the status of waste throughout the entire disposal process.

We operate using simple techniques to ensure maximum efficiency and high rate of destruction. We do not resort to environmentally harmful and polluting techniques like dumping and burning. Our staff, under strict supervision and quality norms, dispose of the products in a sustainable, safe way.