Our Projects

Zero Waste Events

Community events like weddings, concerts, conferences and so on, are a major source of waste. Most of the waste from such events is neither segregated nor processed, and usually ends up in landfills. A large chunk of waste from events is dry-waste, which can be diverted from landfills effectively. At Green Worms, we collaborate with organizers to conduct “zero-waste” events, with minimum wastage and maximum efficiency.
Our well formulated, holistic program takes care of all aspects of event waste-management. Initially, in the pre-event stage, we devise strategies to minimize both wet and dry-waste, depending on the nature of the event. For instance, we recommend and provide reusable or biodegradable cutlery in weddings.
Later, during the event we take measures to ensure that waste collection happens systematically. We install color coded dustbins for primary segregation, employ staff for keeping the surrounding areas clean, and see to it that waste removal happens in a timely fashion.
Post the event, we undertake a secondary segregation of the collected waste at the venue itself. We then send the segregated waste to our recycling or composting centres.
Our responsibility continues well after the event too. We provide the organisers with detailed waste-audit reports to better understand and analyse the mechanisms of waste generation, and suggest future scope for improvement.